WTware configuration for boot by network. Diskless terminal.

  1. Configuration file name
  2. Parameters
  3. Licensing terms

Configuration file name

The WTware terminal looks for configuration in three files sequentially. First two are unique for each terminal and enable to set individual parameters for the terminal. The third file is for all the terminals. Draw attention to the parameter include in the configuration file, that helps to include additional cnfiguration files with common contents for the group of terminals.

terminalname.wtc — probably the most convenient way while the number of the terminals is rather small (less than 100) and by the name of the terminal it's possible to remember its location and configuration. Terminal name is set by the dhcp-server. Read the DHCP Reservations article. For example, if the name is set as at this screenshot:

then the terminal will look for its configuration in the file term079.wtc .

If the terminal name is n't set for dhcp-server, then the terminal won't look for the configuration in such files.

MA.CA.DD.RE.SS.TE.wtc — classic way, good for large number of the terminals and for their identification you have to use outer database. For example, for the terminal with network card mac-address 00:01:02:aa:bc:8e configuration file should be 00.01.02.AA.BC.8E.wtc. Please, pay attention at letters case, if your tftp-server is on the *nix-computer!

default.wtc — default file name. Meant for "Fast start!" mainly for this way doesn't permit to set unique parameters for each terminal. The treminal will turn to this file for configuration only if it won't find files terminalname.wtc and MA.CA.DD.RE.SS.TE.wtc.


Detailed comments are in the configuration file. I'll fill up two of them.


win2kIP parameter specifies the terminal server ip-address (or its name). Extra possibilities appear while usig win2kIP2, win2kIP3 and win2kIP4 parameters. Parameters should be set sequentially, or the terminal will ingnore the values of next parameters of the previous are not set (for example, win2kIP4 parameter value will be ignored if win2kIP3 is not set). After address in these parameters, including win2kIP, can appear comment after comma. There are two ways of these parameters handling.

If there's no comments to any of these parameters, then the terminal will send pings in series to specified addresses. Firstly willbe sent ping to the server, specified in win2kIP, then to the server, specified in win2kIP2 etc. The terminal will connect to the first respondent server.

If there's a comment to at least one address, then before every start user should choose one of this servers from menu. Look at the screenshot:

This menu the terminal will show if the parameters are:

win2kIP =,Main server
win2kIP2 =,Reserve server
win2kIP3 =,Internet
win2kIP4 =,Accounting server


Suffixes of possible values mean used graphic libriary. (S) - svgalib, (F) - kernel framebuffer, (X) - xfree86. wtshell shell automatically determines by this suffix which package (wts.pkg, wtf.pkg or wtx.pkg) to load.