Configuration file. Includes, file

Configuration file

Terminal settings are stored in configuration files. These files are ordinary unicode text files, they can be edited by any text editor, that supports unicode, Notepad will do. All possible parameters and their values are listed in the configuration file parameters manual.

Full terminal configuration is the union of parameters from:

  • Common configuration file
  • Terminal configuration file
  • Included files listed in (not supported by WTware configurator)

If terminal finds its MAC-address in or its configuration file it tries to connect to terminal server. Otherwise Terminal configuration wizard starts.

Common configuration file

Common configuration file name is Terminal searches for it int directory Everyone in data directory, that you selected during installation. By default it's C:\users\all users\WTware\Everyone\. Place in parameters with common values for all terminals, for example server.

Terminal configuration file

Terminal configuration files are stored in Terminals directory in WTware data directory, that you selected during installation. By default it's C:\users\all users\WTware\Terminals\.

Terminal with network card MAC-address 00:01:02:aa:bc:8e, searches for it's configuration in directory 00.01.02.aa.bc.8e, file should be named Pay attention to letter register if your TFTP-server is on Unix-computer!

Pay attention to include files, that are placed in directories Templates and Connections in WTware data directory. Using keywords template and connection you can include additional files into terminal configuration file.

Included files list

ListIncludes directory (in data directory, specified during installation) contains common configuration files with terminal parameters. Terminal includes these files using file.

ATTENTION! Edit only manually. Graphic configurator doesn't work with, can't read or edit files from ListIncludes directory. So be careful not to configure one terminal using configurator and
Syntax is the same as in configuration file. Terminal will place specified in files from this directory at start of main configuration file before parsing. Therefore you can specify here include, connection, next screen.

Included files list is stored in Everyone/ file. Syntax:

01:02:03:04:05:06[([username@][terminalname])] [file [file ...]]] [# comments]
For example:
02:03:04:05:06:07 file1
Terminal with MAC-address 02:03:04:05:06:07 reads parameters from ListIncludes/file1 file. file2
Terminal with MAC-address 03:04:05:06:07:08 reads parameters from ListIncludes/file2 file and sets username "john" in Windows login window.
04:05:06:07:08:09(term5) file6 file7 # Chief computer.
Terminal with MAC-address 04:05:06:07:08:09 is named term5 (similar to clienthostname parameter). It reads configuration from ListIncludes/file6 and ListIncludes/file7 files.
To specify user name using non-latin letters open this file in Notepad and save with Encoding: Unicode.

File reading order, parameter values priority

Terminal reads configuration files in this order:

  2. Files listed in
  3. Files included by template and connection directories in terminal configuration file
  4. Terminal configuration file

Parameter value is overwritten as new value becomes available. I.e. if server parameter value is specified both in and in terminal configuration file, value from terminal configuration file is used.

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