Google Chrome runs locally, without terminal server

In WTware there's built-in Google Chrome. Works on x86-computers and Raspberry Pi.

To run it specify in configuration file: application=chrome

Items that don't work and will be fixed:

  1. Printing from Chrome is not supported. We don't realize how to perform local printing in Linux, so that were supported at least half of printers, that work now in WTware from Windows. Will be fixed some day later.
  2. Clipboard doesn't work.
  3. Chrome interface language is the same as WTware inteface language. You can change Chrome language using chrome_language parameter.
  4. End of Chrome work is detected and browser restarts.
  5. Sound works.

What works now:

  1. PDF viewer works.
  2. Since 5.1.15 version parameters language and keyswitch now also set the language and key switch sequence for Google Chrome. Now in search you can type in needed language.
  3. In 5.1.15 version to work through proxy-server were added chrome_proxy and chrome_pac parameters in configuration file. They can be configured in profile - chrome_profile parameter.
  4. Added special parameters for Chrome configuration - chrome_url, chrome_mode, chrome_profile.

Google Chrome works only with video=...(U). There's no way to run Chrome if video=...(F) or (X). If your computer has at least 512MB RAM and no (U) driver starts, please, send us a letter, we'll fix it.

Video driver on Raspberry Pi is determined automatically.

Google Chrome needs a lot of memory. On computers with 512Mb Chrome starts, but it can stop working because of memory lack. For work it needs at least 1024Mb

WTware installation on hard disk: Google Chrome and other additional packages are installed automatically on hard disk if only disk volume is not less that 250MB. If installer finds disk with volume 500MB or more, it creates two partitions on this disk. The first one about 240MB with FAT file system as usual is for WTware files and configurations. The second one - all the remaining disk space - is for swap. This can cause problems with WTware installation on different flash-disks. Not USB-flash, but used as hard drives stationary flash. I.e. CF on ebox front panel. Swap partition will be created on it, if there's enough free space. But writing to this swap can be too slow, and it will slow down all work. If tests will confirm this problem - we'll fix it.

Google Chrome profile

All Chrome settings are stored in profile. Need to add plug-in, save user password or coockies? If you need to add any Chrome configuration that is not in WTware configuration file, you are to create your own profile and use it instead of default profile. Manual for creating profile is in parameter chrome_profile description.

There's no our banner on Chrome. WTware with Google Chrome works without license, all works for free. Cheers us :)

If you have any comments or remarks to this article, please, let us know!