What is WTware

WTware is a software Windows Terminal Services Client for diskless computer network boot. It turnes your computers into Windows Terminals (also known as Thin Clients, Windows Based Terminals or NetPCs).

Since the introduction of Terminal Services with Windows NT4 Terminal Services edition, enterprises have been widely using Terminal Services for their Thin Client solution. It's an industry accepted solution and not just an untested proprietary protocol. Even such IT giants as IBM and HP produce their own hardware Thin Clients. WTware is an effective way to achieve the security and management benefits of applications residing on a central server and server-based computing at 1/10 the price of a Thin Client.  Learn more

WTware package includes all the software needed to create a Terminal: OS, multiple drivers, network services and a Remote Desktop Protocol Client. WTware is easy to setup and configure, intended for Windows system administrators and needs no deep knowledges in network boot technologies. Any PC from the oldest one (486) to modern can be successfully used as a terminal.  Make a working stand with network boot in 10 minutes.