List of terminal groups by subnetwork

If terminal boots by network and fails to find it's individual configuration file on server, it stops to work, sends you notification that it's unconfigured and requires to create configuration file for this terminal.

You can change this behaviour. You can create default configuration file either for all the terminals or for the terminals from selected subnet. Create group for the terminals you need, then in terminals list find corresponding line and create default group configuration.

After that new terminal from this group automatically will be configured: it won't send you any notifications and will download the configuration you created.

Group is specified by subnet IP and mask. You create config from this group, i.e. for terminals from this subnet, and when new terminal boots and there's no configuration for it on server, then TFTP will download config for this group, default individual configuration file for all the new unconfigured terminals in selected subnet.

There are two ways to specify groups list:

  1. In directory Everyone now you can find file It's the file to specify needed groups by subnet. This file uses such syntax:
    03 Remote offices

    Firstly specify group number in 16-hexadecimal format — 03. Possible numbers are from 01 to ff. Then configuration of the group 03 will be stored in folder FF.FF.FF.FF.FF.03 in Terminals directory. Then specify network parameters — IP and mask — "Remote offices" — name of group. Using this name you can find this group in terminals' list in graphic configurator. TFTP-server downloads this configuration as default individual configuration file for the terminals in subnet, that have no their own individual configuration file.

    One more example:

    0d Lawyers subnet

    Group for subnet. Configuration is stored in FF.FF.FF.FF.FF.0d directory. In configurator's terminals list you can find it named as "Lawyers subnet".

    At the end of this file you may add group for all other terminals in network, not from listed subnets. This group must be the only one. This group must be specified in the last line in All lines below this group will be ignored. Syntax for the all terminals group:

     1f all My favourite ZOO
  2. Using WTware graphic configurator utility — Terminal groups list. Here you may add new group:

    Here you may create default configuration file for your group:

    Also there's group "All". You may create config for all terminals, that are not from subnets for specified groups. Or you may create only one group "All", then any new unconfigured terminal, connecting to terminal server, will download configuration for this "All" group.

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