Smartcard and card-reader redirection in WTware

WTware support the most common USB-tokens and smart-card readers etoken, ASC and dozens of others. Full list of supported devices and the way of their redirection you can find in this manual.

Redirection of new, not supported in WTware, device

RDP redirection of every smartcard we have to create manually. In the simplest case it's enough to specify in WTware replies of this card windows-driver information about card name and vendor name. In more complicated cases we have to simulate incorrect actions of card windows-driver. If you really need WTware to support your smartcard or card reader, please, be ready to download and install dozens of new distributives and send us logs, this process can take even month. Are you sure you need it?

If yes, let's start:

  1. Connect card to Windows computer. Start mstsc.exe, connect to terminal server.
  2. Make sure that smartcard redirection works in mstsc.exe. If program, that you need to work with your card, doesn't see it in mstsc, you should contact this program authors. If something doesn't work in mstsc, it also won't work in WTware.
  3. In mstsc.exe terminal session with connected to terminal smartcard or reader with inserted card start this application.
    Everything it prints send us by e-mail.
  4. Then connect your card to terminal, boot WTware, save log (using graphic configurator on windows-computer with WTware installed or using web-interface — write terminal IP-address in internet explorer on any windows-computer). Attach this log to e-mail.

All further instructions we'll send you by e-mail. And be patient, it will take some time.

If you have any comments or remarks to this article, please, let us know!