Connecting Bluetooth devices to Raspberry Pi.

On Raspberry Pi WTware is able to use Bluetooth mouses, keyboards and barcode scanners in HID mode, keyboard emulation.

Bluetooth device should be detected and paired with terminal. While pairing device and terminal create a key, that will be stored on device and on terminal. Specify in WTware configuration file:

bluetooth = scan

Reboot terminal. On terminal screen you'll see that it searches for Bluetooth devices. From another computer open in terminal web-interface Bluetooth page. Browser will warn about encryption problem. Agree to add security exception (for more details https in WTware). Enter the same password, that is used to enter terminal Setup menu during boot.

Switch Bluetooth device into pairing mode. Barcode scanner may be switched by scanning special codes form user's manual, on mouses and keyboards you should possibly press button till indicator signal. Then update Bluetooth page on terminal web-interface. Devices must be detected in several seconds. When you see device in list, press Pair.

If WTware terminal stores configuration files locally, then after successfull pairing zip-archive with the key will be automatically stored into configs\ directory on boot disk.

If WTware terminal downloads configuration files by network, then after successfull pairing web-interface will suggest to download zip-archive with the key. Downloaded archive you should place into Terminals directory on TFTP/HTTP server, where terminal configuration files are stored. By default it's:


To use paired Bluetooth device specify in terminal configuration file:

bluetooth = on